The Yes Day Cast Pranked Each Other On Set | Netflix

17 mar 2021
134 987 Áhorf

Kablowey! Join Jennifer Garner, Édgar Ramírez, Everly Carganilla and Julian Lerner as they spill the beans on filming the family adventure, Yes Day.
0:00 - 0:30 - Yes Day
0:31 - 1:24 - Funniest scene to shoot?
1:25 - 1:41 - What was filming the car wash scene like?
1:42 - 2:40 - Were there any pranks on set?
2:41 - 3:24 Favourite scene to shoot?
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The Yes Day Cast Pranked Each Other On Set | Netflix
A mom and dad who usually say no decide to say yes to their kids' wildest requests - with a few ground rules - on a whirlwind day of fun and adventure.