The Weird Significance Of Kitchens In TV/Movies

7 feb 2021
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In this Bigger Picture video essay, we trace the role of kitchens in storytelling across cinema and TV. You will now forever overthink your fridge magnets and what they say about you.
Writer Marion Miclet (@Marion_en_VO) argues that as the “heart of the home”, kitchens are the most powerful locations in filmmaking, the centre of characters’ lives that we should pay more attention to, in order to understand a story better. “The kitchen is one of the most powerful locations in filmmaking - it brings to the boil character development, social context, and storytelling. And now that you know that every single detail is a deliberate reflection of the characters’ inner mental states, you will never look at that kitchen island the same way again."
Voiced by Alysia Judge (@alysiajudge).
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Kitchens In Cinema: Why They Matter | Bigger Picture | Video Essay

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